Sunday, May 7, 2017

Still in Action

Due to some weird camera malfunction, I have been out of listing and blogging action for about two weeks, although it feels longer.

But I have been making things, including a custom last-minute order for Confirmation presents. (Photos by customer.)

They are the most detailed embroideries I have ever made and each one took about 3 days working 10-12 hours on them. I gave my wrists an all-day break on Saturday, which does not often happen, but they were tired.

The customer gave the embroideries to the confirmands today and they liked them! I had doubts about a thirteen-year-old boy liking an embroidery, but apparently it was okay. (He had the one on the right; the girl had the one on the left.)

Both of the embroideries have a cross for obvious reasons and a Communion theme because young people in Lutheran churches cannot take Communion until they are Confirmed. Normally, their Confirmation is also their first communion.

I promise the vegetation and crown look more realistic in real life, and that the grapes and leafs are actually purple and green. The cross is woven with blue over silver.

The wafer and base are chain stitch, and the squiggles and base thing are purple in real life. I think the purple and green (used in both embroideries) are so dark they are difficult to photograph.

Both designs are from Broderie D'Antan's ecclesiastical ("religieux") section.

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