Thursday, May 11, 2017


For the past couple weeks, I have been setting up a Kickstarter for Ingleside Creations, which is already started, but needs a kick. The goal is $500, all for materials.

It is very simple to donate to the Kickstarter, but if the goal is not met, none of the raised funds transfer to me. If even just fifty people donated $10, the fundraising goal would be met!

Backers will be the first people to see ideas for new projects and learn about the shop so they know I am being responsible. Among other rewards for different tiers, all the backers can be added to the page of backers—if you donate and don’t want your name there, let me know and I won’t add it, or you can use an alias or initials.

If more than the goal is raised, I would be able to make the business function better, including improving photography, polishing the craft show booth, and getting utilitarian office and sewing supplies for the studio. I have a huge list of boring, business things to take care of, but can’t yet, including craft show change, a photography light tent, and storage bins and tubs.

With the help of backers, hopefully Ingleside Creations will support me as well as a part-time job at McDonalds could in the next 1-2 years. Ingleside Creations is already more than a full-time job and it would be nice if I could live off it.

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