Thursday, August 10, 2017

Accidental Cathedral Windows Variation

The scrappy cathedral windows quilt turned out to be a variation. I did not understand exactly how the block worked, but now I do.

I thought I only needed two triangles per 4-patch, but that actually makes a big circle, not the orange peel-like shape a cathedral window quilt normally has.

The cathedral window is a 4-patch quilt, and I am pretty sure this is what I did to make the variation.


  • Get four squares for each 4-patch (which is 4 x number of 4-patch blocks)
  • Get four contrasting squares for each square in the 4-patches (which is 4 x number of 4-patch blocks)
  • Get one center square for each 4-patch block
The construction in the variation was the same as a traditional cathedral window, but I did not have enough contrasting squares to make it look the same.

I can't figure out how many contrasting squares are needed for a regular quilt, but I plan on experimenting. It is one of my favorites now.