Saturday, May 20, 2017

May's Plans

May's plans died when my camera decided to act up in April, but the camera came home yesterday, and I can list things again.

For the past few weeks, I spent a long time working on the Kickstarter. I really can't make anything else without outside funding, but Mom and I found a couple boxes with old things I had made, and many of them fit into Ingleside Creations.

The dishcloths are a little small, but now I know a better size exists. I think I misread standard measurements before and now I use new measurements for goal sizes and an old store-bought dishcloth filched from Mom as a guide. The boxes also had a couple doll blankets and historical embroideries.

Now, the main goals are Kickstarter, revising keywords in the Etsy listings, and listing the boxed things. I am also gathering fabric for an awesome t-shirt quilt, which I have never made before, but I have wanted to for quite a while.

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