Monday, June 12, 2017

Studio Tour

Dad and I mostly-finished the studio today. It is in the attic/basement-like room and has room to spread out projects.

Some things are borrowed, shared, mine, or made with things we had around.

Dad made the rack and the shelves, cut the wood to the right size for the ironing board, and covered up the random hole in the wall:
Antique crates from my room, for patterns and crafting books, and there is a toast holder or some other kind of holder (not sure) for rulers, templates, and cereal boxes that will become templates as needed.

The pillow forms and quilting hoop will go on the shelf, once another shelf is added.
He also made the wooden table years ago.

The ironing board is set on top of a folding table for my craft show booth and fits a whole yard of fabric. Mom was brave and helped me with the staplegun.

Sometimes Dad needs the plastic table for Wittenberg Door Campus Ministry, but the rest of the time, it is a good sewing table, and the wooden table is a good cutting table. Pushed together, they are big enough to back a small quilt.

This is Dad's old footlocker, which will be used for scraps once the rest of the weird old musty smell has been banished.
Used filing cabinets for fabric:
I got the fabric box a long time ago and now it has novelty fabric. The knitting bag on top of the filing cabinet has batting and muslin scraps.

Project storage, and a crate also used in the craft show booth (unpainted side down). The drawers were among the first office furniture I got specifically for Ingleside Creations, along with a tub, clipboards, little stacking drawers, and file holder thingy.

The bookshelf does not fit books, but it works well for button jars and things. The thing in front of it is an old family sewing box that I am borrowing. It has thread and bobbins right now.

The red lamp looks like a space shuttle.
The blue thing is a light box for tracing embroidery patterns onto fabric. I have had it for a few years, but not used it much before this year.

The little lamps were my grandparents', but nobody was using them, and I already had the big one. Embroidering is so much easier when everything is evenly lit. The Ott lamp doesn't work, but it has a magnifying glass.

I am also using my grandma's old cello chair, because it is the right height for a short person like me to comfortably sit at a table and sew.

Mom also got me a big trash can and spray bottles (for starch and water) that spray instead of splurt! They work so well.

I still have to hang up pictures and things, but aside from that, the studio is done.


  1. It's very well organized and looks like a great place to sew, quilt, and craft.