Friday, June 16, 2017

Whoop Whoop Friday

Linking up with Whoop Whoop Friday.

I spent a ton of time this week preparing hanging towels for the shop, and managed to finish four of them, two of which were disasters because I am not very experienced with regular sewing like this.

Two of the towels came out well.
Sorry for the bad webcam picture.
Mom taught me to do buttonholes by machine, too.

The bigger finish was finishing the studio yesterday, with help from Dad. But I successfully hung up the pictures and other wall things by myself with a hammer or drill.

The studio will normally only look this clean for an hour during the day or overnight, so I took the pictures before starting work.

The stuff in the baskets are sign posts for craft shows.

The weird poles are dismantled craft show displays.

This is the craft show chair, because I am lazy and did not want to move the chair from the sewing machine to the corner so often.

The other finish was pebbling practice. I only pebbled one and a half potholders because I decided I hate pebbling.

I was sort of hoping they would be good enough for the shop, but the navy blue thread was too dark for the lighter parts. Instead, Mom gets them.

I had never pebbled before and will probably do it again once I get used to other FMQ patterns.

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